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Weekly Update

Week of 1/22-1/26


Reading: Guided reading rotations; students read and discuss chapter books in small groups. We work on several different strategies during this time. We’ll also continue strategy work in our New York Ready books.

Writing: Time Capsule writing piece; rough drafts/editing and revising

Grammar: Action, Main, and helping verbs (we did not get to these last week!)

Spelling: Introduce words on Monday, quiz on Friday.


We will be interpreting remainders more, as well as working with word problems. We will continue to work on all aspects of long division, and students will rotate in groups through math centers for extra practice, as well as receive small group instruction to clarify any areas of difficulty.


Students will be completing a group poster project to help them review all of the lessons in Chapter 4. Each group will present their posters to the class.  Test will be sometime the following week.

Social Studies:

We will finish Slavery in NY and students will write a journal entry from the point of view of a slave on a slave ship traveling to North America. There will be no quiz on this week’s newspaper.  We will start Week 9 on Friday.


Students will be learning about each part of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and then we will review the Liturgical Year and the sinning/reconciliation. Students will have a test on Friday. Look for a study sheet to come home!

**Our license for IXL has been renewed, and students will have a reoccurring assignment to complete 30 minutes per week, starting Monday.**