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Weekly Update

Week of 2/26-3/2


Reading: We will continue to work on finding theme in a text. This is a super important skill in 4th grade so I want everyone to have lots of practice 🙂

Writing: Students will continue working on their Natural Disaster writing pieces. The kids really seem to enjoy this writing piece! I can’t wait to read their final essays.

Grammar: Subject-Verb Agreement

Spelling: word sort on Monday, quiz on Friday


Students were introduced to Order of Operations last week, and we’ll be digging in deeper this week. I will be teaching them PEMDAS (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication/division, addition/subtraction) – but they will not be expected to know how to complete exponents at this level. It is just a helpful acronym to help students remember the order of steps. There will also be a Simple Solutions quiz on Friday, as their usually is. I have seen some great improvement in these quizzes! Just a reminder that students are encouraged to bring their books home to review the 4 lessons we’ve completed throughout the week to prepare for the quiz. Most skills are review, and we go over every single question together in class.


Continuing in our ecosystems unit, we will be learning the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources, and learning about how energy transfers from one living organism to another within an ecosystem.

Social Studies:

Week 11; The French and Indian War continued. Students will have a quiz on Friday. Look for an email with the power point for this newspaper early in the week, as well as a review sheet.


Commandment 2; respecting the name of the Lord. We will discuss how to treat God’s name with reverence and why all names should be respected.


Thursday: Mass at 8am


Friday: Stations of the Cross